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PHABJOA Lash Training

We are a Certified S.E.E Lashes Extension Training Location

S.E.E Lashes Certification Course – PAY IN FULL

This class covers basic technique, safety, and client care. Students will receive the opportunity to practice application of extensions on a mannequin and a live model, under the supervision of a Master Level Trainer.

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S.E.E Lashes Certification Course – DEPOSIT

Deposit for S.E.E Certification Course

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S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certificate Test-Out

This test-out is for licensed and certified eyelash artists who desire the benefits of becoming an S.E.E.(Safe Eyelash Extensions) Golden Seal Certified artist.

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PHABJOA Lash Training Instructor Course

Want to become a S.E.E. Lashes Instructor? Our comprehensive training program will provide you the detailed training and methodologies to earn the title of a contracted “S.E.E. Certified Instructor”.

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S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Bi-Yearly Recertification

Stand out in the industry by maintaining your S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certificate as a recognized and respected “Safe Eyelash Extensions” artist.

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Why chose us?

  • We are a S.E.E Certified Eyelash Extension Location
  • Our services are of the highest quality and use the highest quality products
  • We offer a stress free, relaxing environment.
  • Our staff offers a warm and friendly atmosphere
  • You will look and feel amazing when you look in the mirror

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